SPORT SAFE Testing Service, Inc.

There is not a school district in the country that does not have a drug problem to some degree.  Some areas are far worse than others, but teen drug use is everywhere.  SPORT SAFE Testing Service, Inc. can provide all aspects of a student drug testing program including policy development, random selection of students, collection and processing of specimens, and reporting of results. SPORT SAFE offers 15 years of experience in managing and developing student drug testing programs and has pricing typically 30% lower than the local occupational health facility. Contact a SPORT SAFE representative today. (Can we pull some info off of our brochure?)

Drug Testing Methods

There are many methods of drug testing.  Click here for more information on the various methodologies so you pick the right one for your program.

I’m a parent.

If you are a parent of a student athlete and are interested in a drug testing policy, click here.

I’m a school district.

If you are a school district and are interested in a drug testing policy for your school, click here.

I need a drug test.

If you are an individual looking for a specific drug test, click here.

What you can expect:

SPORT SAFE Testing Service is the leader in the student drug testing industry.  SPORT SAFE is nationally recognized for its work with schools around the world, helping many set up drug testing policies and programs. You can count on SPORT SAFE to be on top of drug use patterns by students and ready to recommend improvements to schools each year.  Because we are a third party administrator and do NOT own a laboratory or device, you can count on receiving expert, unbiased advice on the development of your program.