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Developing a policy is a team oriented effort that requires the help of numerous school officials, coaches, counselors, parents, students, and sometimes local law enforcement. Each of these individuals will have an integral part to play because they each bring perspective to the situation. With their help you can create a program that maximizes deterrence and intervention. Follow the steps below to develop the best policy for your school and your community!

The Effect of Drugs on Learning

When we think about teens using drugs, we mostly worry about risks to their health and safety.  We have never given much thought to how drugs may affect our children’s ability to learn.  Recent research has now confirmed that illicit drug and alcohol use has a detrimental impact on learning.  Drug use by teens is not only risky for health and safety reasons, but also has a direct impact on their ability to learn in school and thus achieve their maximum academic goals.

What you can expect:

SPORT SAFE Testing Service is the leader in the student drug testing industry.  SPORT SAFE is nationally recognized for its work with schools around the world, helping many set up drug testing policies and programs. You can count on SPORT SAFE to be on top of drug use patterns by students and ready to recommend improvements to schools each year.  Because we are a third party administrator and do NOT own a laboratory or device, you can count on receiving expert, unbiased advice on the development of your program.